About us


A holistic Healing Centre that is a warm and nurturing place for healing, personal growth and professional trainings in the field of occult sciences and spiritual healing.

We extend to you a very warm welcome and "thank you" for selecting the centre for your spiritual evolution. Attraversiamo was founded by kunnjam and the work there continues to be at the very core of divine wisdom and guidance.

At the centre we provide a wide range of alternative healing and spiritual modalities. These can assist you totab into your own self and consciousness allowing you love manifest the beautiful life you are meant to live.

We sincerely hope that the services, workshops, etc. you find here can be of personal help to you and your loved ones in finding ways of healing attitudes, choosing love rather than fear, peace rather than conflict, and the true happiness that forgiveness and love can bring to each of us.

Our work deals with living fully each moment and healing relationships in all areas of our lives, bringing harmony and peace,love, growth and abundance.

Simply put, SPIRITuality is the study of SPIRIT. We must come to an understanding that we are a lot more than what we perceive with our five physical senses. You are not the physical body you identify yourself with but rather a spiritual being residing in a physical body. As you begin to understand this truth and start connecting with your “true” inner self, you will become aware of the boundless potential locked in within you. This will then begin to translate into phenomenal results in all aspects of your life.

Every human being has the innate ability to heal themselves and live a beautiful and fulfilling life! It just takes the ability to connect with our own divine wisdom and the source within to make it happen and when that happens we can see all kinds of miracle. Living in an ocean of energy, we all possess the capacity to feel and modify energy waves around us. At Attraversiamo we attempt to bring to you various tools and techniques to make that happen.

If you are reading this then maybe it’s time for…‘Attraversiamo’ which is Italian for “to cross over”. To cross over to a life of infinite possibilities and abundance!

Love and light

Angels bless